Matching Your Expectations: A Guide to ‘Limited Matching’ Insurance 

Insurance can sometimes feel like navigating a maze of terms and conditions. One term you might have come across is “Limited Matching” coverage. You’re not alone if you’re wondering what it is and how it impacts your insurance. This blog post will demystify “Limited Matching” coverage and help you understand how it can affect you. 

Understanding “Limited Matching” Coverage 

“Limited Matching” coverage is a specific provision in some insurance policies, often related to property insurance, particularly for items like roofing and siding. It addresses situations where a damaged item needs to be replaced or repaired, but there’s a challenge in finding an exact match for the existing material, either due to its age, wear, and tear, or discontinuation of that material by the manufacturer. 

How It Works 

Let’s consider a scenario that involves roofing. A severe hail storm comes through and damages half of your asphalt roof. Your insurance will repair the damaged half of your roof; however, the same shingles are no longer produced, leaving you with a fixed but mismatched roof.  

This is where “Limited Matching” coverage comes into play. Suppose you have this provision in your policy. In that case, your insurance company will cover replacing both sides of your roof, despite the damage being only to half, so that the function AND aesthetics are intact.   

Why It’s Important 

“Limited Matching” coverage is crucial in scenarios involving both roofing and siding and here’s why: 

  1. Preserving Aesthetic Integrity: Your roofing and siding contribute to your home’s appearance. “Limited Matching” coverage ensures that your repaired or replaced roofing and siding blend seamlessly with the rest of your structure, maintaining its overall curb appeal. 
  1. Protecting Property Value: Mismatched roofing and siding can affect your home’s resale value. With this coverage, you safeguard your property’s overall worth, as it will continue to look well-maintained and attractive. 
  1. Managing Costs: While “Limited Matching” coverage may not cover the expense of premium upgrades, it prevents you from bearing the financial burden of an exhaustive search for exact matches, which can be costly and time-consuming for roofing and siding repairs. 

Review Your Policy 

In today’s market, many companies are excluding limited matching in policies completely, or are only offering it as an additional charge. Make sure to check if this provision is included in your policies; if not, consider discussing it with your insurance agent, or reach to SIG. An independent agency, like ours, may have a leg up in finding you the coverage you need, with our access to multiple insurance companies.  

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